Hospitality Career Paths: Sales and Marketing
Hcareers / FEBRUARY 17 2021

There are many different career paths you can take in hospitality; you can start off as a dishwasher and work your way to a director of talent or start off as a server and become a food and beverage manager. Maybe sales and numbers are more your thing, so you start in retail and become a revenue director. 

Although there are almost endless possibilities for career paths, there are three main pillars that all of those positions fit into operations, sales and marketing, and revenue management. 

Let’s take a look at the sales and marketing career paths. 


Sales roles are a bit more behind the scenes in the hospitality world, but a very necessary department for each hotel and hospitality company. You can work in group sales, catering and event sales, and reservation sales. Below are positions you can have in the sales department ranging from entry, mid and senior levels. 

Sales Coordinator – Sales coordinators assist the sales directors and managers to achieve sales goals and implement initiatives as well as execute client contracts. They can help communicate with clients after programs are booked, coordinate event details with all departments, assist with menu planning and group room blocks, and more. 

Reservations Sales Agent – Reservation sales agents respond to incoming reservations request and work with the company’s lead management system to support the company’s revenue management strategies by upselling and cross-selling packages and amenities. 

Sales Manager – Sales managers are responsible for overall account management, business generation, and sales prospecting for their hotel property. They will make sales calls, manage existing and new client relationships. 

Catering Sales Manager – Catering sales managers are responsible for selling and servicing events for hotel guests and customers. Catering sales managers’ primary focus is to sell banquet food and beverages, including menu planning, agenda-setting, and other hotel event and meeting services. They also contribute to site inspections, maintaining customer relationships, and working with the sales and catering staff. 

Group Sales Manager – The group sales manager is responsible for filling hotel rooms with multi-room bookings for meetings and conventions, weddings, and school groups. Group sales managers and catering sales managers work closely when booking for events or meetings. 

Leisure Sales Manager – Leisure Sales Managers are responsible for maintaining and growing transient revenue. They will make sales calls, attend trade show related activities and make relationships with travel agencies. 

Director of Sales – Directors of sales are responsible for supporting the growth and development of the sales team and all sales-related activities including direct sales efforts, follow-up, and proper sales administration. They also recruit, hire and develop sales team members. 


Marketing roles are also a bit more behind the scenes in the hospitality world but make a big impact on potential and existing guests through marketing campaigns and materials. The marketing and sales departments work very closely together. Below are the positions you can have in the marketing department. 

Marketing Manager – Marketing managers assist with the development, implementation, and management of online marketing programs, websites, social media, SEO, content, and email marketing. They manage the marketing team to ensure all project objectives are achieved and revenue is maximized. 

Director of Marketing – Directors of marketing, or often the director of sales and marketing, will identify, evaluate and develop marketing opportunities to ensure timely and strategic actions that will meet revenue goals. They will oversee all aspects of marketing across platforms including digital marketing, website, social media, public relations, collateral, and more. They will recruit, hire and develop marketing team members. 

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