What NOT to say in a hotel job interview

Job Search Tips / May 26, 2024

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially in the hospitality industry where interpersonal skills and professionalism are crucial.

Saying the wrong thing can be a dealbreaker, but with a bit of preparation, you can turn potential pitfalls into opportunities to shine.

Here are five things not to say in a hospitality job interview, along with better alternatives.

1. “I don’t have any weaknesses.”

Why It’s a Problem

Claiming you have no weaknesses can come off as arrogant or lacking in self-awareness. Everyone has areas where they can improve, and employers appreciate honesty.

Better Answer

“I sometimes struggle with delegating tasks because I want everything to be perfect. However, I’ve been working on trusting my team more and have seen positive results in efficiency and team morale.”

2. “I’m just looking for any job right now.”

Why It’s a Problem

This response makes it seem like you’re not particularly interested in the hospitality industry or the specific role you’re applying for. Employers want candidates who are passionate and motivated.

Better Answer

“I’m excited about this opportunity because I’m passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences. I admire your hotel’s reputation for customer service and would love to contribute to maintaining and enhancing that standard.”

3. “I didn’t get along with my last boss.”

Why It’s a Problem

Speaking negatively about past employers can make you seem difficult to work with and unprofessional. It’s important to stay positive, even when discussing challenging situations.

Better Answer

“My last job had its challenges, but I learned a lot about handling different management styles and improved my ability to adapt and communicate effectively. I’m looking forward to bringing these skills to a new environment.”

4. “I don’t know much about your company.”

Why It’s a Problem

This shows a lack of preparation and genuine interest in the role. Employers want to see that you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested in their company.

Better Answer

“I’ve researched your hotel and am impressed by your commitment to sustainable hospitality practices. I’m particularly excited about your community outreach programs and would love to be a part of a company that values giving back.”

5. “I’m a perfectionist.”

Why It’s a Problem

While it might seem like a positive trait, this response can sound clichéd and insincere. It doesn’t provide real insight into how you work or what challenges you face.

Better Answer

“I strive for excellence in my work and sometimes spend more time than necessary on details. I’ve learned to balance my attention to detail with efficiency by setting deadlines for myself and focusing on priorities.”

Final Thoughts

Navigating a job interview in the hospitality industry requires a balance of professionalism, honesty, and enthusiasm.

By avoiding these common pitfalls and providing thoughtful, genuine responses, you can make a strong impression and increase your chances of landing the job.

Remember, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. Good luck!