7 Best Entry-Level Hospitality Jobs

Job Search Tips / June 12, 2023
Table of Contents
  1. Hotel Reservations Agent
  2. Front Desk Associate/Agent
  3. Hotel Concierge
  4. Event Coordinator
  5. Marketing Coordinator
  6. Sales Coordinator
  7. Maintenance Technician

The hospitality industry is rife with opportunity, especially for those looking to break into the business. But getting started on your hospitality career does not have to be limited to accepting entry-level housekeeping or server positions.

Hospitality offers a multitude of early-career jobs that, like these latter two examples, also allow candidates to gain a foothold on the career ladder with the potential for future advancement.

Here are 7 examples of where to launch your career in the hospitality industry:

Hotel Reservations Agent

These employees assist guests in booking their future hotel stay, processing their payment, sending confirmations, and potentially upselling the guest on a higher room category or a package deal. Reservations agents must also be able to answer guests’ questions about the hotel, ranging from available services and amenities to its exact location. Many positions require only a high school diploma or GED equivalent, but educational requirements can vary.

Front Desk Associate/Agent

The front desk staff represents most guests’ first interaction with the hotel and so it is essential that these employees evoke the friendly and helpful demeanor that is a cornerstone of the hotel industry. Front desk agents check guests in and out of their rooms, process payments and special requests, and answer phones. Many positions require only a high school diploma or GED equivalent, but educational requirements can vary.

Hotel Concierge

Concierges are a conduit of local information for hotel guests who are looking for dining recommendations or reservations in the area, are trying to get tickets to area attractions or events, or simply need directions to a nearby location. They are also able to arrange special activities like tours in the area, upon guest requests and can step in to assist guests with emergency issues like finding a doctor or dentist with immediate availability to treat the guest. Educational requirements will vary, depending on how competitive the specific market is.

Event Coordinator

These entry-level employees assist in organizing all logistics for all of the business and social events, including conferences and weddings, that take place at the hotel. They will work with the client to secure the right size venue for their function, arrange necessary audio-visual equipment, and liaise with vendors such as florists, videographers, and entertainers to ensure they have access to the venue for the event. Event coordinators will also play a role in cleaning up or “tearing down” after the event and ensuring that there is no overlap between simultaneous events taking place at the hotel. The position typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree and often, prior experience in an administrative role is appreciated.

Marketing Coordinator

This is a position that will be more common in larger hotels where a sizeable marketing team is required to support the property’s efforts to reach audiences in different markets and market segments. The coordinator will work closely with the marketing manager and/or director of sales and marketing to achieve strategic objectives that increase awareness of the hotel, build loyalty and ultimately, drive revenue.  A bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing is often preferred as is some experience working in the hotel industry.

Sales Coordinator 

Work with the hotel’s sales team to provide administrative support like answering phones, scheduling appointments, and making travel arrangements. A college degree in marketing, sales or advertising may be preferred, but it is also possible to land a sales assistant job with just a high school diploma or GED and previous admin or hotel experience.

Maintenance Technician 

Along with maintenance supervisors and/or chief engineers, these are the hotel team members who literally do the heavy lifting, working on a variety of repairs and maintenance needs such as painting and fixing broken doors. Educational requirements can be limited to just a high school diploma or GED, but previous experience in a similar position is usually required.