Marriott launches chatbot to help guide job seekers

Employer Articles / October 26, 2017

Job seeking? Applicants searching for work within Marriott International now have a personal guide to help them through the process at their service.

The global hospitality company just launched MC – the Marriott Career chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The virtual assistant is powered by data-driven logic and specialized algorithms to create a more personalized experience for job seekers.

“Personalization is a principle that is changing the expectations of digital audiences globally and with recent advancements in automated technology, we have the opportunity to enhance the search and apply experience for thousands of job seekers,” said David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer for Marriott International.

MC is capable of conversing with job seekers, steering them towards job applications based on discipline and location, and offers education on the company’s culture and values, according to the release.

A short quiz within such discussion provides job seekers with a fun, interactive way to learn which of the 30 Marriott hotel brands may suit their interests. Interested job searchers can chat with MC by downloading the latest version of Facebook Messenger and adding Marriott Careers, or by visiting Marriott Careers on Facebook and clicking “Message.”

Some of the most common questions MC responds to include, “How do I get in contact with a recruiter,” “Do you have event manager job openings in Chicago,” and “Do you have restaurant manager job openings in San Francisco.”

“To attract the best talent, we need to remain ahead of the curve in tracking and responding to trends particularly as we try to reach the next generation of Marriott associates. As today’s job seekers are drawn to companies committed to values and ethics, our ability to educate them on our corporate values and our brands in a fun and personal way is a game changer for hiring,” says Rodriguez.

“We are in the business of delivering memorable hotel experiences and the use of the careers chatbot is an extension of that,” said Rodriguez. “By embracing this messaging technology, we are able to provide an around-the- clock, personalized experience that is meant to simplify the job seeking process,” adds Rodriguez.

Technology innovation is not new to Marriott. Over the past few years, the company launched the first ChatBotlr, a chatbot which gives guests another way to make service requests.