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Hcareers / AUGUST 31 2021

We spend most of our days at our workplace so it’s important that you truly enjoy what you do, and look forward to showing up at work every day or shift. Granted, you won’t love every job you have, but hopefully, these tips will help you during your next job search to find one that you do!

1. Figure out what’s important to you 

Your first step, before fully starting the job search is to take note of what you want in a job for responsibilities, perks, culture, and team members. For example, do you want to interact with guests or work more back of the house? Are there social causes or initiatives that you want your employer to support? Do you want access to free lunches, fitness facilities, or childcare options? Do you perform better with a manager who micromanages or someone who lets you reach out when you need them?

Make a list of everything you are looking for, keeping in mind non-negotiables and things that would be nice but aren’t necessary, and see what job opportunities check-off boxes. 

2. Manage your own expectations 

Remain realistic during your job search. Most opportunities will not check off all of your boxes. You can look at it as an opportunity to bring ideas to your new workplace once you get hired, like creating a diversity and inclusion committee or organizing a process for your team. 

Even if you can find an opportunity that checks off all your boxes, remember that there will be bad days everywhere you work, but a few bad days should not outweigh the good. 

3. Check-in with yourself throughout

As you interview for different opportunities, you may learn about new things that you’d like in a workplace or maybe you’ll interact with someone you wouldn’t want to work with because of their personality. 

Edit your list as you go to make sure your next opportunity really aligns with what will make you most excited about going to work. 

Similarly, once you do accept a job opportunity, check in occasionally to make sure it is still checking the boxes for you. We change over time and that can affect how our jobs align with what we want. If you find that it no longer checks certain boxes talk to your manager to see if you can make some changes or start that job search again. 

Since most of us spend 40+ hours or so at work every week it’s important to make sure we enjoy being there and what we do.