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Are You and Your Manager Not a Good Fit? Here’s What You Can Do
Hcareers / SEPTEMBER 13 2021

Have you been investing your best into your work but your manager keeps highlighting your performance as below expectation? This article is written for you.

Let’s use this case scenario:

You’ve been doing so well at work, punctual, and working as productive as possible. To the best of your knowledge, everything is going smoothly. Then surprisingly, your manager meets with you to discuss your performance. After the unexpected meeting, you feel sad, defeated, and demotivated because your manager does not appreciate all your efforts.

This is the experience of many hospitality talents and if you are one of them, we are here to show you how to juggle through the situation.

What To Do If You And Your Manager Aren’t A Good Fit

Be Mentally Ready: The first step is to prepare yourself mentally before kick-starting the day. When your manager calls you for a performance review or discussion, be mentally ready to go through it all. Remind yourself that your manager’s reaction is a result of an individual’s perspective of your performance and if need be, you can work your way through the necessary improvements. 

Evaluate Yourself: It can be hard sometimes to admit that there is a loophole in your performance at work. So take an honest look at your work, evaluate your performance and try to find out if there is an iota of truth in your manager’s feedback or perspective.

Avoid Overreaction or Emotional Spillage: It can be overwhelming when you constantly receive negative feedback from your manager. Try as much as possible to keep calm and take a deep breath. It is advisable to remain calm and give yourself some days to process the information before reacting.

Request For a Performance Improvement Plan: In a bid to improve your relationship with your manager while still putting your best into the work, you can ask for an improvement plan from your manager. This improvement plan should outline specific goals & objectives you need to work on. These goals should be specific— the more specific, the clearer it will be for you to work on.

Ask Friends or Colleagues For Assessments: You also consider asking some of your co-workers and friends to assess you. It means that you are seeking honest feedback to assess whether or not your manager is on the right track. Based on your colleagues’ or friends’ feedback, you might be able to identify areas for improvement. You might also be able to decide whether or not you need to switch to another position or resign.

Opt For Another Position: One of the key factors to career success is being fit for the job. If you realize that your job performance is declining because you are unhappy with your current job role or the organization you work in, then it’s time to get your resume and documents together so you can proceed to apply for open positions that you feel more comfortable with.

Regardless of how qualified you are for a position, you are likely to have a hard time advancing in your hospitality career if you do not have a healthy relationship laced with trust and respect with your manager.