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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with Proper Hotels & Residences

Proper Hotels & Residences are built upon an abiding love for quality and civility, for elegance and grace, for nature and humor. Not some off-the-rack lifestyle, but something detailed, refined, and bespoke. A Proper Hotel or Residence is a proper place not just to stay, but to thrive. At the center of it all is our unique brand of 'Proper Hospitality'-an evolution, reinvention and tireless pursuit of a life well lived, for ourselves and to be shared with others. As Hoteliers, we are obsessed with delivering top-notch service, memorable design, world-class culinary experiences, diverse programming and seamless technology solutions. As people, we enjoy the finer things in life. We take care of ourselves and others. We value exploration and travel, education and dialogue, great food, close family and respect for the world around us. Most importantly, we live for what we do and, because of it, we are really good at it.

As our company grows, we will continue to attract people that, like us, live simply, explore often, consume mindfully, love passionately and give fully. Whether they are seasoned veterans or clocking in for the first time, their dedication to Proper living is unmistakable when they step foot into a Proper Hotel or Residence. They are personable and engaging, knowledgeable and confident. They solve problems with inventive solutions. They naturally have fun and so do those around them. They aren't likely to be 'proper' in the traditional sense of the word. Sure, they are professional and presentable. But it's less about the look, and more about the outlook. For them, there's a right way to do things, and anything less just wouldn't be Proper.