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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with Innisfree Hotels

What We Offer


Innisfree Hotels is a trendsetter in the industry, in part because we do not make minimum wage our benchmark. We respect and value our team members, so we offer a 'living wage' for better quality of life. Innisfree Hotels has used multiple sources to create a transparent pay scale that includes living wage research, geographical location and industry standards. Our pay scale is based on the position, the team member's experience and the team member's tenure.


Innisfree Hotels offers contributory benefits including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, as well as other supplementary coverages. We offer a vacation plan and sick leave. In addition, team members enjoy special rates for our hotel rooms, restaurants, retail shops and our salon and spa. Innisfree Hotels believes in full-package compensation and is constantly in the market to leverage our company for services to keep more of your paycheck in your pocket.

We are currently researching discounts on academic, daycare and transportation benefits. We work hard to provide you the services you need and encourage team members to voice any concerns. Give us the opportunity to research new benefits for you!

Career Advancement

Innisfree Hotels will invest in you, if you invest in you. We are a fast-paced, expanding company and we need team members who thrive on challenge, seek responsibility and value our culture to lead us into the next generation of growth. We encourage you to work closely with your supervisor and create an Individual Growth Plan to track and share your career goals.