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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with Bluestar Resort & Golf

Bluestar is a boutique management firm and landscape services company focused on supporting golf course owners and community developers in the execution of their resort and golf amenities. Our expertise is in all aspects hospitality management, including golf, spa, food & beverage, community clubs, and more, and we also provide full-scale landscape services to numerous communities in Arizona. We service properties in Arizona, California, Florida, Northern Carolina, Virginia and Washington. BlueStar focuses on exceeding the expectations of residents and guests operationally, as well as our partners and clients financially. There is only one currency of value within our team - results. And it will be this passionate commitment to delivering excellence that has been the platform from which BlueStar has grown from a small group of 8 golf courses to a portfolio of more than 30 leisure experiences and another dozen+ communities under landscape management.

Join Our Team
BlueStar Resort & Golf has cultivated a reputation for excellence over the past 12+ years. We seek to hire the best and brightest in all roles, and then we work hard to retain these incredibly important individuals. Thanks to the skill of our team, clients benefit from the best practices in strategic planning, fiscal responsibility, customer service, marketing, communications and human resources. If being a part of our team is something that sounds exciting to you, click below to learn more about available roles.

Employer of Choice
BlueStar is firmly committed to being an Employer of Choice in the hospitality and leisure space, a commitment we believe helps us recruit and retain the best talent in the industry. We provide fun environments in which to work, attractive compensation in all facets - wages, health care, retirement, wellness training, and more - and tremendous opportunity for future growth. The leaders of the company today began at the bell desk and in guest services, in the kitchen and on the floor, and we believe our next generation of leadership is likely to follow the same path.

Our BlueStar Team Member Promise
BlueStar believes that commitments mean something, and from the frontline to Central Services, we make these commitments to one another.

To Ourselves: Grow personally and professionally by always giving my best and seeking ways to improve.

To One Another: Offer mutual respect, a commitment to the Core Values, and frequent words of encouragement.

To Our Members & Guests: Enhance their lives by showing them every day how much we care.

By living these commitments, we know we will be successful at BlueStar and in life.