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     Keyword Search Guide:
  • When searching for more than one keyword, the search will default to the logical operator AND. For example, if you enter the words hotel service, the search will return those items containing both words, although not necessarily together as a phrase.
  • When searching for items containing any one of a number of words, then OR should be inserted between each keyword, e.g., manager OR supplier will return any item which contains either of the words manager or supplier or both.
  • When searching for items containing an exact phrase or combination of words in a specific order, the phrase should be eclosed within quotation marks, e.g. "hotel manager".
  • When searching for all relevant result pages except those containing a certain word, add EXCL operator before your query word. For instance, food EXCL hotel will return job postings contain word food, but not hotel.
  • The search is not case-sensitive. It does not differentiate between upper and lower case letters.