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Job Description

This is the job description for F & B OUTLET MANAGER.

Job Title: F & B Outlet Manager
Department: Food & Beverage
Company: Dimension Development
Reports To: AGM/Food and Beverage Director, Asst F & B Director
Supervises: F & B Outlet Supervisor, F & B Outlet Associates

Job Purpose: To manage the restaurant's operation, maintaining established cost and quality standards so as to ensure superior service and maximize profits.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop short term and long term financial and operational plans for the restaurant which support the overall
objectives of the company.
2. Prepare the annual budget.
3. Monitor the performance of the restaurant through verification and analysis of customer satisfaction systems
and financial reports. Initiate corrective action.
4. Maintain product and service quality standards by conducting ongoing evaluations and investigating complaints.
Initiate corrective action.
5. Implement and maintain sales/marketing programs.
6. Establish and maintain a pro-active human resource function to ensure employee motivation, training and
development, wage/benefit administration and compliance with established labor regulations.
7. Establish and maintain applicable preventative maintenance programs to protect the physical assets of the
8. Maintain a security function which protects both the assets of the restaurant and the personal safety of
employees and customers.
9. Implement and maintain effective two-way communication systems which reach all employees.
10. Develop new programs which result in an increased level of customer satisfaction and operational excellence.
11. Other duties as assigned.

Job Skills:
1. Read and interpret business records and statistical reports, and make business decisions based on production
reports and similar facts, as well as experience and opinion.
2. Use mathematical skills to interpret financial information and prepare budgets.
3. Analyze and interpret policies established by administrators.
4. Change activity frequently and cope with interruptions.

Job Qualifications:
Education: Bachelor's degree in Management, Business or related field.
Experience: 2 years dining room supervisor experience, 1 year cashier experience, 2 years waiter exp., 1 year direct
sales or retail trade exp.; OR, equivalent combination of education and experience.
Licenses/Certifications: TIPS certification required and Food Safety certification.

Management Activities:
X Interview, select and train associates
X Set and adjust associates' rates of pay and hours of work
X Direct the work of associates
X Appraise associates' productivity and efficiency for purpose of recommending promotions or other changes in
X Handle associate complaints
X Discipline associates
X Plan the work
X Determine the techniques to be used
X Apportion the work among associates
X Determine types of materials, supplies, machinery, equipment/tools used or merchandise to be bought, stocked
& sold
X Control the flow and distribution of materials or merchandise and supplies

Working Conditions:
Ability to speak and hear in English. Close and distance vision. Frequently lifts/carries up to 25 lbs. Continual use of manual dexterity and gross motor skills with frequent use of bi-manual dexterity and fine motor skills.

Additional physical, visual and working requirements:
X Stand for long periods of time
X Walk extended distances
X Lift/carry 6-25 lbs.
X Able to work overtime and irregular hours

While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the requirements of the job, management reserves the right to add or remove duties from particular jobs when business need dictates.

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Mid level

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Doubletree - New Orleans
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