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Engineer AFour Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon NorthScottsdale, AZ
A property of: Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North
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Job Description

BASIC PURPOSE: Diagnose and provide service and repairs to hotel equipment including electrical, plumbing, steam, gas, fire & safety, HVAC refrigeration, interior, paint and decorating, and respond to inquiries and problems in an efficient, courteous and professional manner to achieve maximum customer satisfaction while complying with all Four Seasons' policies.


1. Implement and handle preventative maintenance of all equipment and update appropriate logs. (40%)
2. Diagnose and handle all repairs of equipment including motors, starters, breakers, chillers and associated equipment throughout the entire building. (20%)
3. Comply with Four Seasons' Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in EmPact. (10%)
4. Work harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors. (10%)
5. Respond to guest calls regarding maintenance of rooms and equipment in rooms or public area in a timely manner. (10%)
6. Respond to all emergency conditions such as fires, power failures, etc.(5%)
7. Clean all stations in Engineering, grease traps, plumbing stoppages and maintain an organized department and hotel. (5%)


1. Install or relocate any additional equipment or existing equipment when necessary.
2. Assist with energy conservation programs in the hotel.
3. Install electrical and mechanical systems for renovations, outlet additions and associated equipment and provide electrical set ups for exhibits including maintenance of those set-ups.


Education: High school education or equivalent experience

Experience: Experience required by position is from 1 to 2
years of employment in the
related position with Four Seasons or other
Skills and Abilities: Requires a working technical knowledge of
general building maintenance.
Working knowledge is generally learned on-the-
Job or through a series of professional certifications.
Requires knowledge of the ability to operate
computer equipment.
Ability to read and speak and write English.

No. of employees supervised: Zero

Travel required: None

Hours required: Eight hour shift; scheduled days and times may
vary based on need.

Physical Job Requirements
(for essential functions only)


Lifting/Pushing/Pulling/Carrying Describe the type(s) of required lifting,
pushing, pulling, and/or carrying to include objects,
weights and frequency
50% of shift carrying parts, equipment, pushing/pulling carts, lifting boxes or other equipment.

______ No Lifting/Pushing/Pulling/Carrying Required

Bending/Kneeling Describe the type(s) of required bending and/or kneeling
to include when, why and how often
50% of shift to look at equipment, work on equipment.

______No Bending/Kneeling Required.

Mobility Describe the type(s) of mobility required to include
distances and % of time involved.
85% of shift to walk through building and check on equipment or to answer guest calls.

______Stationary Position

Continuous Standing Describe the reasons to include time period and frequency

90% of shift continuous standing while walking or diagnosing maintenance solutions.

______No Continuous Standing


Stairs: Up to approx._1000____steps_50____%of_shift______________
Ladders: Up to approx.__40___steps_50____%of__shift_____________

______No Climbing Required

Driving Describe type of vehicle, distances, % of time involved and

___X___No Driving Required

Work Environment

Inside: __80____% of __shift_________
Outside: _20%_____% of _shift__________

Describe any abnormal temperature exposures:
Summer temperatures outside can get above 95 degrees for 5 months of year. For 2 months of year, low temperatures can get as low as 20 degrees.

Physical Job Requirements
(for essential functions only)

Hearing __X___Critical _____Moderate _____Minimal
Explain: One-on-one communication with guests and use of radio

Vision ___X__Critical _____Moderate _____Minimal
Explain: Read reports, work with computers, diagnose maintenance solutions, decorating of guest rooms and public areas.

Speech _____Critical _X____Moderate _____Minimal
Explain: Must be comprehensible over 2 way radio and for one on one communications with guests and coworkers.

Literacy __X___Critical _____Moderate _____Minimal
Explain: Read reports, log books, building codes and instructions, analyze.

Chemicals/Agents Describe any chemicals/agents to include what they are,
warnings and frequency of use

______None required

Protective Clothing Type:
Approx.__30____% of _shift_________
Coveralls, warm jackets, goggles, gloves, back belts as needed.
______None required

Equipment Operation List type of equipment and frequency of use

Computer use 20% of shift, radio use 100% of shift, Computer printer 5% of shift,

______None required
Other Considerations

Additional Information

Four Seasons is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer. Minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. To access the 'EEOC is The Law' Information poster please visit this website -

Job Requirements

[see description]

Job Details

Senior level

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Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North
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