Spa Manager

Great Wolf Lodge - Grapevine

Location: US - TX - Grapevine

Aug 8, 2017
Great Wolf Lodge - Grapevine
Job Details

  • Willingness to accept the most effective role.

  • Responsible for the promotion of a safe and professional workplace through adhering to policies and procedures as outlined in the Great Wolf Resorts handbook.

  • Role Model and Example for Others:

    • Act as spa hostess

    • Show client ultimate customer service

    • Excellent attitude

    • Proper dress and appearance

    • Always on time and excellent attendance record

  • Knowledgeable in all areas of spa activities:

    • At one time or another have thoroughly performed every role and job function in the spa (operator, front desk duties, administrator, etc.)

    • Extremely knowledgeable of each role

    • Know all procedures and policies

    • Know each job description and positions

    • Know services and prices

    • Know product line uses, benefits and various sales techniques

    • Manage and help coordinate with each department

    • Ensure good and consistent communication center in spa

    • Ensuring spa treatment quality controls, including services, cleanliness and product usage

    • Managing purchase orders for professional treatment and operational supplies

    • Developing merchandising plans and purchasing retail products

    • Maintaining proper inventory levels for all professional and retail products

  • Coach for Employee:

    • Act as a total support and authority figure for all employees to obtain information and to air disagreements and grievances

    • Mentor each employee on productivity and general job responsibility

    • Focus on honest, positive reinforcement of desired behaviors and outcomes

    • Conduct quarterly staff reviews and individual coaching and goal setting sessions to support staff members in defining and achieving success strategies

    • Coach each employee on superior customer service

    • Review job descriptions with all staff members to clearly define areas of responsibility and accountability

    • Train new employees and ensure that all new employees meet the standards of our current staff

    • Monitor newer employees throughout their 90 day probation period. Continually reviewing where they are and where they need to be

    • Recognize and report achievements

    • Provide ongoing staff motivation, team development and high standards of service and coordinate ongoing educational training programs

  • Supervise Staff:

    • Responsible for day-to-day spa operations and cohesive behavior among team members

    • Maintain high customer and employee visibility

    • Monitor front desk activities in order to maximize more productivity and efficiency with customer care need.

    • Supervise each employee's activities, productivity and behavior throughout the day

    • Conduct regular spa meetings to inform, educate and motivate staff members and support team members in achieving our desired behaviors and outcomes

    • Make sure there is no drama in the spa

    • Supervise employee dress

    • Supervise employee attendance and promptness

    • Delegate and supervise cleaning of spa and work stations

    • Handle employee challenges, employee warnings, suspensions and dismissals

    • Effective delegation of duties and task assignments within the spa to facilitate desired performance levels, uniformly excellent customer service standards.

  • Administrative Functions:

    • Implementing standard operating procedures and policies

    • Personally address all customer challenges

    • Interview all potential staff members

    • Supervise all paperwork, ordering and inventory control activities

    • Effective staffing and scheduling of all positions as it relates to efficient spa operations and budget guidelines

    • Oversee and direct special events and public appearances

    • Implement loss prevention techniques

    • Understand workers compensation procedures for any all situations

    • Understand all benefits/medical and be able to clearly explain proper procedures to all employees

    • Maintain the necessary coverage for absences, breaks, shortages and illness

    • Participate in spa budget development and regularly review budget control areas with the spa financial officer

    • Maintain standard computer operation procedure and ensure uniform computer operation among staff members

    • Exercise necessary record keeping as they relate to spa expenses and inventory control

    • Preparing payroll

    • Interacting with the press and planning media and local events


To be effective, the Director of Spa Services should embody the following: Personality Characteristics:

  • Positive Mental Attitude 

  • Fashionable Appearance 

  • Self Motivated, Ambitious 

  • Open & Receptive 

  • Persuasive 

  • Responsible 

  • Assertive 

  • Healthy Energetic 

  • Patient 

  • Consistent 

  • Resourceful 

  • Detail-Oriented 

  • Selfless 

  • Observant 

  • Dedicated 

  • Productive 

  • Reputable 

  • Tenacious 

  • Honest 

  • Persistent 

  • Willing to go the extra mile

Required Skills:

  • Leadership 

  • Communication 

  • Organization 

  • Delegation 

  • Time Management 

  • Excellent People Skills


  • Ability to lift 30lbs. 

  • Ability to stand/sit for long periods of time. 

  • Ability to bend, stretch and twist.

Additional Details
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.