Property Name
Hudson Hotel New York
Job Title
New York-New York City
Company Name
New York
Management Position
Bonus Pay
Position Categories
Chef - Sous Chef


Morgans HoteI Group is proud to be a perpetual pioneer in the hospitality industry. Founded in New York City in 1984, Morgans is recognized worldwide as the originator of the boutique hotel concept. By constantly refining basic ideas and always striving to reinvent the hotel experience, Morgans Hotel Group has created a number of breakthrough concepts that have revolutionized the industry. With twelve properties in its worldwide portfolio, Morgans is a market-leader that is poised for growth. Our design-driven approach to reinventing the traditional hotel space has made Morgans a sought after brand for guests and owners alike. Join our trend-setting team of top operators whose driving purpose is to create engaging and dynamic guest experiences for all who enter!


* Check all prepared mis en place and food stocks (including dry stores) and replenish as necessary
* Assign, in detail, specific duties to all employees for efficient operation of the kitchen
* Supervise and assist in the preparation of all food mis en place, ensuring all necessary work is completed prior to the commencement of serviceďż˝
* Prepare and submit required reports in a timely manner
* Assist in the prevention of pilferage from the dry stores and refrigeration within the department
* Control wastage by maintaining the correct stock levels and rotation from dry stores and avoid the over production of food and mis en place
* Be aware of the required food cost perentage and run the section within these guidelines at all times
* Assist other sections of the kitchen in the production and service of food or the cleaning down of the section as and when required due to the workload
* Remain on duty until the following shift takes over or until you are discharged by the Executive Chef
* Ensure all working areas of the kitchen, dry stores and refrigeration are manitained ina clean and hygienic condition at all times, especially after your shift has finished
* Make sure, in conjuction with your team that all section files and recipes are maintained and updated
* Oversee all aspects of the daily operation of the kitchen and food production areas
* Maintain constant quality control of all food prepared and cooked ensuring it is to the Executive Chef's and restaurant standards
* Ensure all main cool rooms are tidy and clean at all times, especially after each service so the Duty Chef can carrry out daily ordereing
* Prepare all potentially hazardous foods ath the correct temperature accordfing to the HACCP guidelines
* Follow appropriate personal hygiene procedures to ensure food served to guests is safe for consupmtion
* Follow and ensure compliance with food safety and handling policies and procedures
* Check and ensure the correctness of the temperature of appliances and food using thermostats and thermometers, including monitoring freezer systems such as fans, drains and doors for proper operation, and reporting issues to facility management
* Assist in proper training and direction of departmental assistants in compliance with company standards of quality, specifications, portion control, recipes, employee relations, sanitation, etc.
* Ability to work under demanding and strenuous situations
* Assist with employee relations and scheduling
* Undertake and complete any special projects, tasks or other reasonable request by the Executive Sous Chef


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