Pizza Sous Chef

The Betsy/LT Steak & Seafood

Location: US - FL - Miami Beach

Sep 2, 2017
The Betsy Hotel
Job Details

Essential Functions

  • Train and supervise kitchen staff in the proper preparation of menu items, equipment and safety measures.
  • Monitor to ensure proper receiving, storage (including temperature setting) and rotation of food products so as to comply with Health Department regulations, including coverage, labeling, dating, and placing items in proper containers of kitchen and service.
  • Write, maintain and update all menu specifications, recipes and pictures, production forecasts, and ensure same are being followed.
  • Observe production flow and makes adjustments in order to adhere to control procedures for cost and quality.
  • Check to see that all equipment in the kitchen is clean and in proper working condition and write work tickets for any equipment in need of repair.
  • Supervises and participates in the preparation of food for restaurants, banquets, and room service
  • Assures adherence to hotel standards of food quality, preparation, and recipes
  • Assists in the overseeing of all kitchen operational areas
  • Supervises the proper setting up of each item on menus and insures their readiness
  • Oversees the appearance of food served in the operation
  • Stores unused food properly to minimize waste and maximize quality
  • Follows proper staffing guidelines and prepares production sheets
  • Plans and requisitions food as needed; discusses requisitions with Executive Chef
  • Assures proper safety, hygiene, and sanitation practices are followed
  • Assures a smooth kitchen operation by coordinating with related Food and Beverage Departments
  • Consults with individual outlet’s supervisor daily about specials, rotation of product, and any upcoming special events
  • Pizza chefs usually start the day by preparing ingredients for pizza. They ready the pizza dough, grate cheese, slice and chop pizza toppings such as vegetables and meats. Some also make fresh tomato sauce, while others use prepared sauce. Pizza chefs may also prepare ingredients for calzones, sandwiches, garlic bread and simple pasta dishes. They then make pizzas and other foods according to customer orders. they may also be responsible for taking customer orders. Pizza chefs must ensure that the kitchen meets safety and health standards as well.


  • Be professional, responsible and mature in conduct and behavior
  • Be understanding of, encouraging to and friendly with all co-workers
  • Be self motivated and use time wisely
  • Maintain open line of communications with each department
  • Communicate pertinent information
  • Report to work on time,
  • Be available to work a flexible schedule to include weekends and holidays
  • Be available to help other departments in emergency situations
  • Perform other assignments as directed by your Supervisor.
  • Adhere to all work rules, procedures and policies established by the company including, but not limited to those contained in the associate handbook. 


  • High school or equivalent education required. Culinary or Apprenticeship Program preferred.
  • Minimum of two years experience as a Pizza Chef in a similar size operation.


Additional Details
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.
Chef - Sous Chef