Laundry Linen Attendant

DoubleTree San Diego – Del Mar

Location: US - CA - San Diego

Oct 13, 2017
Job Details

Job Purpose:  To tend laundering machines to clean articles such as wearing apparel, sheets, blankets, and other linens used by the hotel and guests.

Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Load articles into washer and adds specified amount of detergent, soap, or other cleaning agent.

  2. Turn valve to fill washer with water.

  3. Start machine that automatically washes and rinses articles.

  4. Lift clean, wet articles from washer and places them successively into wringers and driers for measured time cycles.

  5. Sort dried articles according to identification number or type.

  6. Fold and place item in appropriate storage bin.

  7. Iron all table linens.

  8. Lubricate machines, using grease gun and oil can.

  9. Ensure cleanliness of equipment.

  10. Take the initiative to greet guests in a friendly and warm manner.

  11. Other duties as assigned.

Job Skills:

  1. Follow instructions.

  2. Adjust to doing the same thing over and over.

  3. Move or lift heavy objects.

  4. Familiarity of the material safety data sheet when using chemicals and safety rules when working around machinery.

Job Qualifications:  


HS Diploma or equivalent


None required



Benefits : 401K, Medical, Dental and Vision
(ref. 26748)
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that considers applicants without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.
Additional Details
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.