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HEI views our associates as our greatest resource, and we hire and develop the best. We have a culture of winning, we embrace change, thrive on challenge and always seek to surpass our personal bests. Defined by our unique business platform, our environment is fast-paced, expansive and ever-evolving, yet stable, consistent, enduring. It is a high-performance culture where innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are evident; initiative and results are rewarded.

Our people know they're in on the ground floor of a company with all the cornerstones of success in place: experienced leaders, steady investors, a strong track record and long - term career potential. And in turn, each of our associates thrive because HEI's distinctly advantaged infrastructure creates a supportive, educational culture as well as unlimited opportunities for personal and professional success on every level.

An engaging, high-energy environment, HEI presents a rare career opportunity: the chance to shape a powerful leader in the hospitality industry.


1. Supervises waitstaff and bus persons. Assigns work stations to employees, giving consideration to seniority and merit in selecting most valuable stations and service to VIP customers. Trains or supervises training of waitstaff and bus staff in performance of their duties. Directs and coordinates their activities in the service to our guests. Adjusts guest complaints in compliance with the wishes or dictates of his/her supervisor.

2. Takes reservations, if applicable. Greets guests in a friendly, courteous manner and escorts them to a table. Continuously studies and monitors work stations of various servers so that he/she will know where the next guest(s) can be seated to get quickest possible service. Opens menus (and wine lists, if applicable) and places them in front of guests. When necessary, directs bus staff or waitstaff to clean tables and helps waitstaff to set-up or reset areas. Schedules break periods for staff.

3. Maintains supplies and equipment needed for service. Continually checks stocks of supplies such as condiments, table linen, dishes, silver, glassware, china and other items needed to assure smooth dining room service.

4. Assists restaurant manager by performing duties ordinarily assigned to him, such as the scheduling of dining room employees. Host/hostess must regularly confer with supervisor and keep alert to special events. May be asked to interview, hire and terminate staff. Maintains records pertaining to dining room operations.

5. Assigns side work and clean-up duties to staff in accordance with daily needs of the restaurant or as directed by the supervisor. May often act as cashier or perform other specifically assigned duties.

6. Observes the condition of the dining room, making recommendations to the manager or supervisor for corrections and improvements if needed. Inspects, plans and assures that all personal facilities and materials are in complete readiness for excellent service before each meal period. Discusses in advance (prior to meal period) menu changes with waitstaff to assure their full understanding of new, special or unavailable items.

7. BEFORE LEAVING DUTY: Check out restaurant before going off duty for: cleanliness, forgotten guest items and well-stocked stations for next shift.

8. Be certain of having a well-staffed restaurant for the next working day (check forecasts).

9- Provide other services and duties as requested by your immediate supervisor or your department head.


Must be neat, well-groomed, well-poised and possess a pleasing voice. Must know acceptable customs and etiquette for food service. Must be able to deal tactfully with others and be service-oriented. Applicants should be high school graduates, preferably with some college or technical training or have at least three to five years food service experience. Minimum educational requirements would include two to three years of English and at least two years of general mathematics. A knowledge of foreign languages (Spanish, German, French) will be considered a plus.


Although there are no specific physical requirements for this position, applicants should be in excellent physical condition since they may be expected on occasion to have to carry large trays laden with foods and beverages, or to help stock stations and work areas with bulk supplies, china and other items.

NOTE: The above declarations are not intended to be an "all-inclusive" list of duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job. This document is not intended to be and does not constitute any form of employment contract or agreement.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled