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Property Name
Best Western Dulles
Job Title 
General Manager
Work Permit 
Management Position 
Other Benefits 
401K 3:1 Match/Medical/Dental/Vision
The B. F. Saul Company Hospitality Group is the hospitality subsidiary of one of the largest private real estate concerns located in the Washington, DC area. Founded in 1892, the B. F. Saul Company has a proud tradition of consistent growth and financial strength. Utilizing time proven investment principles, quality operations, focused management and a true commitment to our team members, the organization has built a prosperous and positive history of success that spans over 110 years.

With nineteen hotels in four different states, our portfolio offers exciting and rewarding career paths in all areas of the hospitality industry.

Our long-term success and stability is centered around our collective focus on our division-wide service excellence pledge, known as "Our Big 3." Our Big 3 is very simple:
  1. Happy, professional team members who demonstrate aggressive friendliness.
  2. A clean, crisp, safe property where everything works.
  3. Guests and team members receive all that they expect... plus a little bit more.
Serving as the cultural anchor of our hotel community, Our Big 3 is symbolized across our division by our mascot, OB3. OB3 gets introduced to all new team members and shows up at all hotel events and celebrations to remind our team members why we're all there and help us stay excited and focused.

One of our most recent initiatives is "Our Big Green" which is our division-wide program for "going green" and implementing environmentally sustainable practices into our hotel operations.

We invite you to visit any of our individual hotel websites to learn more about each property and begin to see for yourself why over 1,000 team members from all over the world have chosen to work in our nineteen B. F. Saul Company hotels.

Job Details

Position Summary:

The General Manager of Best Western Dulles is the key individual in the organization's chain of command with complete responsibility for all activities at his/her hotel. The General Manager takes charge of all components of his/her property's business, serving as a positive role model for all subordinates while representing the owner's fiduciary interests.

Specific Responsibilities:

Listed below is an outline of the primary position duties of a Hotel General Manager in the B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group.

Operational Quality and Guest Satisfaction

  1. The General Manager must create a culture in the hotel through personal example that emphasizes guest satisfaction through excellent operational quality.

  2. Focus on Our Quality Pledge, Our Big Three, 4 Standards of Service (anticipate, satisfy, solve, and surprise), and the Company Mission Statement in all operational and sales decisions. Create a guest first priority and true sense of urgency throughout the hotel. Complete and submit the Big Three report card throughout the year.

  3. Fully utilize and follow through on guest comment programs. Respond quickly to deficiencies and take corrective action. Communicate results, develop and implement corrective action.

  4. Maintain a high personal visibility through the hotel in direct guest and employee areas.

  5. Fully implement all Company and Franchise operational policies and continually monitor compliance by the hotel team. Inspect and follow through.

  6. Champion the suite inspection program and ensure compliance to company standards.

  7. Follow the System Standards for soliciting feedback and comments from guests through GuestVoice on a regular basis to determine their level of satisfaction with all guest services and facilities. Take appropriate corrective actions based on feedback.

  8. Be available to all guests at all times and respond to their needs and requests in a timely, efficient and professional manner

Leadership and Team Member Development

  1. Develop the entire staff into a team that focuses clearly on the goals and actions that support the Hotel's Mission Statement. Lead by example. Review goal plans quarterly and develop adjusted goals to the changing business market.

  2. Recruit, interview and orient new members of the team. Insure that each new team member receives a thorough orientation and training on company policies and procedures.

  3. Ensure an effective and fair Human Resource program at the hotel

  4. Maintain fair and consistent application of company and hotel human resources policies and procedures. Utilize an open door approach. Maintain an environment free from harassment and discrimination.

  5. Perform timely and effective associate performance appraisals. Coach, counsel and lead team member development.

  6. Serve as a mentor for hotel associates that have expressed interest in growth opportunities with the Company. Take an active role in grooming these individuals for advancement.

Daily Operations

  1. Oversee the hotel's daily operations utilizing a visible, hands on approach. Actively engage in the key decisions and issues in each area of the hotel.

  2. The General Manager is responsible for the proper and long-term maintenance of the hotel and assets therein. He/she must conduct daily walk-throughs of the property, work area inspections and enforce preventative maintenance policies.

  3. Implement and follow through on Company Policies and Procedures as issued through the Action Bulletin and detailed in operational manuals. Examples of key programs include Guestroom Inspections and Preventative Maintenance. Properly maintain company manuals, policies and program materials.

  4. Serve as the hotel's direct liaison with contacts and staff. Comply with brand standards and programs.

  5. Direct morning meetings and CIMS in an effective concise manner. Include weekly management staff, monthly all team, quality and safety and security meetings.

  6. Ensure that all team members are provided with the necessary tools and equipment to productively and safely perform their jobs

Direct Sales Leadership and Revenue Growth

  1. Champion the hotel's sales effort through active participation with clients and involvement with Sales staff members. Coordinate with corporate sales personnel as required, attending weekly sales meetings, etc.

  2. Review and follow through on the achievement of Sales goals and objectives. Closely monitor solicitation and booking activity through the sales activity reporting process.


Job Requirements

  • Help create new sales programs in response to market conditions and revenue opportunities. Adapt an entrepreneurial and creative approach to sales efforts.

  • Champion the Rooms Yield Management Program through active participation with the Corporate Revenue Manager and/or Revenue Management for Hire.

  • Take leadership role in a minimum of one Community organization that benefits the hotel's financial performance and image. Serve as the hotel and the company ambassador to the local resident and business communities

Financial Performance and Fiduciary Responsibilities

  1. Proactively manage the financial results of the property using a hands-on detail oriented approach. Act rather than react. Utilize a long-term focus that protects operational quality and asset value. Observe all ethical policies and procedures.

  2. Implement and follow through on Company programs in all cost management and investment areas

  3. Lead the end of month accounting process and ensure accurate reporting.

  4. Maintain adherence to all Company Accounting Policies and Procedures. Ensure that effective cash and asset controls are in place throughout the property. Monitor and follow-through on city ledger and accounts receivable issues. Follow through quickly and thoroughly on issues identified in the accounting audit process.

  5. Actively manage the financial statement. Review month end P & R/General Ledger statements and correct with the corporate accountants. Teach the process to the Operations Manager.

  6. Maintain a constant awareness of performance versus plan. Proactively manage spending to insure appropriate costs relative to revenues.

  7. Provide accurate and timely budget updates and Flash Profit and Loss information.

Business Plan, Budget and Goal Planning Process

  1. Be fully aligned with the Company's mission and priorities.

  2. Create a Property Goal Wheel through the Company's Goal Planning Process.

  3. Consistently coach and counsel subordinates on the achievement of their goals and action plans. Meet with each direct report monthly.

  4. Plan expenses in detail to correspond with approved revenues in line with expense and productivity standards.

  5. Develop a goal oriented Business Plan to support the financial goals. Fully implement and follow through on the goals and action process with all Operations Manager and sales personnel throughout the year.

  6. Champion the hotel's Capital Improvement process. Develop and execute a comprehensive plan that respects both the long-term priorities and short term needs of the hotel and staff.

Safety and Security

  1. Maintain a safe and secure environment for guest and team members. Special focus is to be placed on guest access issues and the prevention of unauthorized persons in the hotel.

  2. Proactively address liability and loss prevention opportunities. Respond quickly and thoroughly to loss prevention issues raised during franchise, company and insurance inspections.

  3. Implement franchise and company safety policies. Insure that all systems are maintained on a scheduled basis.

  4. Fully implement on-property emergency preparedness training and procedures.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a clear line of communication with direct supervisor. Keep them aware of areas of concern and significant occurrences at the hotel. Communicate and follow through in a timely and complete manner. Utilize the company e-mail system to the greatest extent possible.

  2. Participate in special assignments as necessary.

  3. Participate and contribute actively during company meetings and training sessions.

Position Requirements

Professional Experience

The following are basic requirements for this position:

  1. Strong interpersonal/leadership skills, professional, caring behavior toward both guests and team members. A positive reference from superiors, peers and subordinates.

  2. "Guest first" service approach. Demonstrated guest service success.

  3. "Do it now" approach. Entrepreneurial style that reflects a true sense of pride and ownership. Demonstrated success in achieving revenue growth and the implementation of yield management and business plans.

  4. A minimum of 2 years Front Office Management.

  5. Familiarity and ability to utilize technology as it relates to hotel operations and communications.

  6. General Manager of comparative extended stay hote