Food Server (Beach Grill)
Hawks Cay Resort
US - FL - Duck Key

HEI views our associates as our greatest resource, and we hire and develop the best. We have a culture of winning, we embrace change, thrive on challenge and always seek to surpass our personal bests. Defined by our unique business platform, our environment is fast-paced, expansive and ever-evolving, yet stable, consistent, enduring. It is a high-performance culture where innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are evident; initiative and results are rewarded.

Our people know they're in on the ground floor of a company with all the cornerstones of success in place: experienced leaders, steady investors, a strong track record and long - term career potential. And in turn, each of our associates thrive because HEI's distinctly advantaged infrastructure creates a supportive, educational culture as well as unlimited opportunities for personal and professional success on every level.

An engaging, high-energy environment, HEI presents a rare career opportunity: the chance to shape a powerful leader in the hospitality industry.

1. Performs preparation (side work) duties as assigned by host or supervisor. Checks with supervisor to determine soup of the day, specials being served and any changes or new procedures.

2. Prepares tables and seating areas for serving of meals. Obtains silverware, glassware, china and napkins from buffet or station, arranging these items on tables in manner dictated by supervisor. Stocks station with clean stock from dish machine area and storage areas if bus persons are not available.

3. Presents guests with menus (and wine list if appropriate), greeting them pleasantly. Informs guests of specials and suggests appetizers and specialty items, "up-selling" whenever possible. If a cocktail server is not available, asks guests if they would care to order cocktails while deciding on what to order for dinner, suggesting house wine or specialty drinks. Writes down bar or food order and takes check or dupe to bar or to food window.

4. While food is being prepared, waitstaff or bus persons obtain salads, breads and beverages, placing items on a tray and carrying them to guest's table...and places items on the table according to accepted rules of etiquette.

5. Services other assigned tables, making sure that no customer's needs are neglected. Returns to pick-up window for visual inspection, to receive entree orders and take same to guest's table. Observes ALL guests to ensure that they are receiving the best service we can possibly provide. As guests finish with appetizers and food items - and if no bus person is available - remove soiled dishes. If guests are drinking alcoholic beverages, continue to suggest and replenish beer, wine and cocktails. When guests have finished with main course, see that soiled dishes are again removed and suggest desserts and after dinner drinks. Pick-up desserts and/or drinks and serve.

6. While guests are having dessert or after-dinner drinks, itemize and total check and present to guests for payment in manner prescribed by host or supervisor. Take check (and cash or credit card if guest has not signed check to room) to cashier.

7. After guests have left, bus table if no bus person is available and set up station for next group of diners.

8. After closing: perform side work and clean-up duties as assigned by host or supervisor.

9. Provide other services and duties as requested by your immediate supervisor or your department head.


Must be neat, clean, well-groomed, courteous and possess a pleasing personality. Must know acceptable customs and etiquette for serving food and beverages. Must be able to write clearly and figure cost of foods and beverages served. Must be able to work rapidly handling dishes and trays of food dexterously and be capable of lifting and carrying trays laden with food and beverages. Prior food service experience is advantageous and applicants will be evaluated for hire based on their knowledge of food service in conjunction with the quality and high level of service to be provided. Although a complete high school education is not always a requirement for this position, it is preferred. Employment and advancement prospects are brighter for high school graduates. Education should include two or three years of English and two years of general mathematics.

NOTE: The above declarations are not intended to be an "all-inclusive" list of the duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled