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Executive Chef
Property Name
Benchmark Hospitality International
Job Title
Executive Chef
Maryland-Montgomery County
Work Permit
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in this country will not be considered.
Position Categories
Chef - Executive Chef
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Job Description

BASIC FUNCTION: The Executive Chef is responsible for the overall food service, throughout the property, and providing the optimal service possible while operating within predetermined budgetary limitations.


Associate degree in culinary arts or equivalent apprenticeship. Minimum five (5) years experience in a first class hotel/resort or restaurant. Ability to communicate effectively.


Ability to run multiple outlets simultaneously. Ability to run multiple P&L with different end goals from multiple sites. The ability to maintain high level of standards from a subsidized P&L. Independently manage multiple managerial staffs while integrating one singular end goal. Supervise the kitchen and supervise the preparation and presentation of foods by chefs, cooks and pantry personnel, overseeing that all the food items are prepared according to specs. Staffing for all kitchen areas, preparation areas, employee cafeteria, and for supervising all employees throughout these areas.  Maintain an adequate supply of all food items such as meat, groceries, perishables, etc. used. Assure that purchases are made using specifications and make appropriate changes when specification changes are warranted.  Inspect all storage areas to insure that the best sanitation possible is maintained and that all equipment is functioning properly.  Assure that sufficient quantities of pre-prepared items are available to meet projected demands and are stored in a manner, which increases their usefulness, as well as maintain quality.  Assure that only the quantities of items scheduled for use are requisitioned from the storeroom. Assure that only the amounts needed of convenience salad dressing and soups are issued, appetizers and cold plates are prepared with the proper portions and that hot and cold foods are prepared on a timely basis.  Provide variety in menu preparation; within budgetary limitations.       Select recipes which offer a product that is tasteful and contains ingredients and portion sizes that will  

ensure that cost standards are being met.


Responsible for maintaining adequate training programs for kitchen personnel. Inspect the portion sizes and taste qualities of all items to ensure they are being properly prepared. Inventory excess production for use on menu or conversion into extenders. Ensure the best and fastest performance of the kitchen so as not to impede service in food outlets. Ensure that the kitchen is prepared to start service on a timely basis. Ensure that orders received from servers are clearly understood so that "returns" due to faulty preparation are minimized. Ensure that plates issued to servers are garnished properly and have good eye appeal. Ensure that plates and utensils used are clean. Responsible for the sanitation of all food preparation and storage areas and equipment. Inspect all equipment for proper maintenance and report deficiencies. Ensure that an adequate supply of equipment is available.  Ensure that the food served in the employees' cafeteria is palatable, in abundant supply and varied; and that facility is maintained in a clean and orderly manner. Ensure that requests and specifications in the function sheets are provided on a timely basis. Hors d'oeuvres are served in an attractive manner and garnished and decorated properly. Ensure that excess productions is recovered from the Banquet Room and properly stored. Ensure that upon banquet completion, serving area and all related equipment is cleaned and maintained. Constantly coordinate with room supervisors so that production is scheduled as reservations dictate. Perform other related duties as requested by the Director of F&B. Make profit improvement recommendations to the Director of F&B. Responsible for care of equipment.  Remain alert, courteous and helpful to the guests at all times.

Job Requirements

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that considers applicants without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.
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