Director of Housekeeping

Doubletree Pittsburgh

Location: US - PA - Pittsburgh

Sep 1, 2017
Job Details

Purpose of the Position:


Participates in directing and controlling the operations of the Housekeeping Department and coordinating the cleaning of guest rooms and public areas as efficiently as possible at the lowest possible cost keeping the highest standards of cleanliness as specified by Prospera Hospitality’s Standards of Operating Procedures.   Provides supervisory guidance, reinforces training and initiates disciplinary action when needed.   Makes suggestions and recommendation for all matters pertaining to associates such as hiring, firing, change of employment status, etc.


Essential responsibilities:


  1. Trains all associates in the Housekeeping Department how to perform their job duties to the best of their abilities.

  2. Schedules, evaluates and directs all personnel.

  3. Keeps “open communications” between management and associates.

  4. Provides disciplinary action when and if necessary.

  5. Provides associates with the tools they need to perform their jobs.

  6. Takes immediate actions on problems that are encountered in the Housekeeping Department.

  7. Participates in the following:

  8. Monthly department meetings

  9. Weekly staff meetings

  10. Inventory of Supplies

  11. Inspects guest rooms and all public corridors and outlets daily to ensure that the quality assurance program is in effect.

  12. Follows up to ensure that routine projects are completed, i.e., carpet shampooing, wall washing, rotation of mattress, etc.

  13. Writes reviews and approves weekly schedules on a daily basis for the entire department.

  14. Directs the daily activities of the Housekeeping staff.Makes sure associates are following daily activity sheet.

  15. Orders requisitions and keeps a perpetual inventory of supplies needed to perform the operating functions of that department.

  16. Maintains an accurate record of all merchandise purchased and received to ensure proper invoicing.

  17. Researches and evaluates new products and methods to increase efficiency and productivity.

  18. Report all maintenance problems with his/her area of responsibility. Follows up on the repairs.

  19. Ensure the key issuance procedure is being followed to safeguard the department’s security.

  20. Maintains excellent communication skills with the front office to ensure that there is coordination of their work to the daily arrival pattern.

  21. Is responsible for the hotel’s lost and found department.

  22. Produces and approves budget for the Housekeeping Department in conjunction with senior management.

  23. Prepares weekly forecast concerning payroll.

  24. Ensures that budgeted goals are met or exceeded.

  25. Ensures all paperwork needed by Accounting and other departments for the correct assessment of monies spent daily and product control is finished correctly and turned in.

  26. Interviews and hires new personnel when needed.

  27. Participates in housekeeping reviews, hires, job transfers, warning notices, counseling sessions and terminations.

  28. Evaluates staff performance continually throughout the year.

  29. Conducts self to reflect the high standards of professionalism within the Prospera Management Company organization.

  30. Learns, understands and refers to the Standard Operating Procedures.

  31. Responsible for developing performance standards, procedures and rules used to ensure work habits and a safe work environment.

  32. Conducts regularly scheduled training sessions on proper and safe work habits.

  33. Conducts monthly formal inspections in your department to identify hazards.Follow up with correction action.

  34. Provides for a safe work environment by following all safety and security procedures and rules.

  35. Additional duties which you may be asked to perform.

To Do This Kind of Work You Must Be Able to:

  1. Communicate effectively with guests and team members, i.e., provide information, answer questions, assist with problems and service recovery, etc.

  2. Written communication skills for writing reviews, schedules, and notes to guests, etc.

  3. Use arithmetic skills for preparing daily payroll, budgeting and ordering from vendors.

  4. Proficient with computers.

  5. Requires manual dexterity to use and operate all necessary equipment.

  6. Stand and/or walk for varying lengths of time, often long periods.

  7. Visually inspect public space and guestrooms for asymmetryand cleanliness.

  8. Work in an environment that is demanding and physical with fluctuating adverse  


9. Frequent reaching, twisting, bending, stooping, walking, standing, stair climbing,

       handling, and smiling.

10. Must be able to lift thirty-five pounds (30) pounds on an individual basis, pushing two 

       hundred (200) pound carts, or collectively helping team members move larger       

       loads than the weight limits listed above.


Additional Details
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.
Medical/Dental/Vision, Short-Term Dis and Life Ins, 401K
Rooms - Housekeeping