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Community Services Representative
Property Name
Suncadia Resort
Job Title
Community Services Representative
Company Name
Cle Elum
Work Permit
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.
Management Position
Bonus Pay
Position Categories
Administration, Customer Service

Suncadia Resort features the best of both worlds - luxury and comfort in a secluded wilderness setting, just 80 miles east of Seattle. With a mountain lodge, full service conference center, full service spa, sports center, outdoor amphitheater, trails and recreational areas, 2,000 residential units, and three golf courses, Suncadia has much to offer both guests and associates. We are the ideal employer to launch your career with No Limits. With a wide variety of positions available, we are currently hiring at all levels of experience, and encourage associates who wish to train for advancement into management positions. We strive to hire people with the passion to create extraordinary experiences for our guests. If you have this passion, we have a place for you at Suncadia.

Job Description

Job OverviewCommunity Services Representatives may be assigned to a variety of positions within any week and must be prepared to perform any of these duties or responsibilities.  The duties of each position are described below. Community Services Representatives shall perform all duties as assigned or scheduled. Community Services Leads and Community Services Management shall have the authority to alter assigned duties and schedules as needed.
 Essential Functions PATROL SERVICES
Patrol Services consists of any Community Services Representative assigned to a mobile or stationary patrol position to watch for and discourage criminal/illegal activity, association rule violations, and to provide a safe environment for the Owners, Guests, and Visitors of Suncadia, Tumble Creek and the UGA.  Patrol is the assigned duty or geographic location while on shift.
Patrol Services shall perform observations during patrol as assigned by the Community Services Lead.  When observations are made of criminal activity, injury or fire incidents notify Law Enforcement or Fire/EMS and then notify the Lead and inform them of the incident.
  • Begin assigned duties in a timely manner.
  • Maintain and complete a Daily Shift Log with appropriate times and information.
  • Patrol and perform all duties as scheduled or assigned.
  • Complete Incident Reports as needed.
  • Follow all policies and procedures that apply for the duties or patrol assigned.
  • Advise the Greeters by radio of his/her arrival and departure of assigned patrol.
Greeters and Caretakers are Community Services Representatives who are assigned to either Suncadia Greeter Cottage or Tumble Creek Caretaker Cabin. They shall meet, direct and inform all entries onto Suncadia Property.
Greeters and Caretakers are most likely the first impression for people entering Suncadia or Tumble Creek.  Greeters and Caretakers must keep uniforms clean and pressed at all times and be well groomed. Greeters and Caretakers must have an open, friendly expression on their face while contacting anyone entering.  As a vehicle approaches, it must be met by the Greeter or Caretaker by standing outside of the doorway ready to “greet” the guest and answer questions.  The all work areas must be kept clean and tidy at all times. All home site owner information and access information is considered confidential, any unauthorized use or distribution of this information is strictly prohibited. During periods of snow, snow must be kept clear around all gates and building access points and walkways.
Greeters and Caretakers must maintain an appropriate log for entries onto the property. A shift log must also be kept to assist with documentation of shift Patrol Services activity.
Tumble Creek
All entrants of the guest lane must be met as the vehicle approaches, not after it has stopped. If a person needs assistance at one of the Transponder lanes, that person should be met in a polite manner and assisted as soon as possible after the guest lane is clear with priority on the residential lane. Access permission must be verified prior to granting entry.
The Suncadia Fire Watch is a Community Services Representative assigned to watch for signs of fire on Suncadia and surrounding property.
The Suncadia Fire Watch must become knowledgeable of Suncadia property boundaries and be able to advise location of and direct Fire Patrol or responding outside agencies to fire location.
Fire Watch must remain observant at all time for smoke or other signs of fire while on duty and during transport to watch location. Fire Watch must become familiar with map and compass usage. Fire Watch should be able to identify any location on Suncadia property to within a quarter of a section.

Job Requirements

  • High school education or equivalent;
  • Ability to work well with others and the public;  
  • Ability to work flexible hours and days;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Basic abilities in MSWord and MS Excel
  • Willing to learn Access system software
  • Be able to function in high customer service impact situations;
  • Knowledgeable of Suncadia Resort and Central Washington;
  • Prefer First Aid and CPR Card;
  • Must be willing to learn the road system and be able to effectively communicate via radio to responding emergency unit’s relevant information as necessary in a professional manner;
  • Must be willing to learn patrol functions and procedures,
  • Must have the ability to follow oral and written instructions and work independently and cooperatively;
  • Personnel assigned the fire watch/lookout shall have the ability to read a compass, identify geographical landmarks, provide current observable weather conditions;
Working Conditions:
  • Must be able to work in a variety of weather conditions including rain, wind, snow, and  heat;
  • Ability and endurance to sit, stand, or walk on uneven ground for extended periods of time;
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 40 lbs. on a frequent basis and heavier with assistance.
  • Ability to bend, twist, crouch or kneel on a frequent basis;  repetitive use of arms, wrists and hands in grasping or squeezing motion; and reach above shoulder level on an occasional basis.
  • Must be able to drive in varying conditions including at night.