Property Name
Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood Suites Issaquah
Job Title 
Accounting Manager Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood Suites Issaquah
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Work Permit: 
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.
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The Hotel Group

Founded in Edmonds, Washington in 1984 as a spirited venture in the hospitality industry, THG™ has grown into a leader in hotel ownership and management, operating more than 25 properties in 10 states.

Our guiding principle of integrity leads us to respect client partners and encourage associates' growth. THG™ keeps potential in mind, judging prospective properties by what they can be, not what they are. Because of this drive, we have consistently made poorly performing hotels into market leaders and attracted the industry's finest people to our ranks along the way.

As our legacy and success continue to grow we will maintain the core values of integrity, initiative, innovation, and inspiration that have brought THG™ thus far.

Job Title

Accounting Manager Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood Suites Issaquah

Job Details

In charge of all accounting aspects for both the Hilton Garden Inn & the Homewood Suites Issaquah hotels.  Hilton OnQ experience preferred but not required.

Job Requirements

Previous Hotel Accounting Management Experience required. Excel experience and IT experience preferred.



POSITION PURPOSE: SUMMARY: The Accounting Manager is responsible for ensuring all accounting procedures are done in accordance with applicable state laws, Internal Revenue Service regulations, and generally accepted accounting principles. Represents the property in maintaining existing business relationships and in managing key vendor accounts. Responsibilities include planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; addressing complaints and resolving problems.


1. Supervises accounting office personnel.

2. Maintains sound accounting policies and procedures.

3. Establishes/maintains proper financial planning and analysis procedures.

4. Preparation of accurate and timely reports.

5. Coordinates and directs planning, budgeting and forecasting activities.

6. Coordinate development of annual fiscal budgets.

7. The Controller is functionally responsible for: *Appropriateness of internal controls to ensure asset protection *Ensuring proper planning, budgeting and forecasting procedures. *Provision of adequate measurement and analysis tools. *Ensuring accounting accuracy and integrity of HR functions. *Accuracy and completeness of all financial statements.

Managerial: 1. Establishes departmental budgets and objectives. 2. Develops programs for improving productivity and staff effectiveness. 3. Establishes departmental organization and staffing with quality personnel. 4. Establishes/maintains effective standards, measurements and controls.

Individual: 1. Makes appropriate accounting, taxation, credit and analytical decisions. 2. Recommends product improvements, innovations, changes. 3. Provides finance guidance 4. Assumes the timely flow of evaluated financial information. 5. Establishes procedures on financial and administrative subjects. 6. Evaluates data and presents solution to problems for which there may be no established approach.

RELATIONSHIPS 1. Maintains effective working relationships with Employees, Owners, General Manager, and department heads. 2. Assures teamwork and active, constructive participation with all managers and employees. 3. Provides functional support to all employees and individual departments.