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What and Where are the Most Applied to Hospitality Jobs: September
Hcareers / SEPTEMBER 21 2021

We pulled a summary of the most applied to job titles currently as well as the states with the most applies per job ad what states have the most jobs available to apply for according to the opportunities available on the Hcareers website. Below are the findings from September 1, 2021, to the present day. 

Where are the jobs at? 

Similar to our previous report, we’re seeing the largest number of jobs available on Hcareers in California (2,110) and Florida (1,988) with Texas (1,460) and Colorado (1,047) not far behind. California is still facing one of the highest unemployment rates at 7.5%, just second to Nevada which is at 7.7%. 

Applies per job by state

New York has the highest amount of applies according to the Hcareers website, at 1,840 for 522 jobs available for an average of 3.5 applies per job. If you are applying to jobs in New York expect a bit more competition for each position than in other states.  

Florida has an average of 0.54 applies per job, with 1,068 applies for the 1,988 jobs available and California has an average of 0.48 applies per job with 1,007 applies for the 2,110 jobs available. 

If you are applying to a state with a higher number of average applies per job, use these tips to stand out above the job seeker crowd. 

Top job titles on Hcareers

The top job titles for September are:

Front Desk Agent


Room Attendant

Night Auditor

The job titles with the most applies for September are:

Front Desk Agent

Front Office Manager

General Manager

Housekeeping Supervisor

This information can help you plan for your current or future job hunt. You may want to choose to relocate to an area where there are more available jobs or apply for jobs that have fewer applies per job title. If you are currently applying in a state with higher applies for fewer jobs, make sure to take that into account and try to stand out through networking, making sure to follow up on an opportunity and what you include in your resume.