[Survey results] The Hospitality Job Search in 2021
Hcareers / JULY 08 2021

Now that we are seemingly on the other side of an all-time high unemployment crisis, due to COVID-19, what is the job search really like? What is motivating candidates to be looking for new opportunities? What types of information are job seekers looking for in a job description?

We surveyed our audience to find out what the job search experience is currently like from the job seeker’s perspective. 

Below is a summary of the responses. Thank you to everyone who participated. 

What is going on during job searches? 

The majority of our audience responded that they are currently unemployed and looking to find a job (52%), specifically an hourly position (56%) versus salaried, however, 20% of our respondents are currently employed but looking for a better opportunity. 

Only 3% of our respondents answered that they were looking to make a career change out of the hospitality industry, so most are still planning to stay in hospitality. This is on par with our October 2020 survey results that 87% of job seekers were planning to stay in the industry. 

More than half of job seekers answered that they are currently applying to jobs but not getting any responses from the employers they are applying to. 27% of respondents mentioned they are not seeing roles that fit their skills or ideal career path. 66% of job seekers are only applying to roles they feel are the perfect fit for them, while 29% feel they are overqualified for roles they are applying to. 

What are job seekers looking for in job descriptions? 

For employers, attracting job seekers to their open positions is a top concern. 

Our respondents highlighted clear role responsibilities, employer information, and values, and perks are the top three most important things to include in a job description. The next three important things to include are the schedule, stories from current employees, and lastly images of the property. 

However, when job seekers are making the decision to apply to a specific job, the most important factors are the salary being offered, how the role fits with their skills and career path, and the location of the opportunity.

Other factors job seekers take into account are the benefits available, the commute time, and employee reviews. In a previous survey, 55% of respondents indicated that healthcare benefits will be more important when looking for a job. 

The current job seeker and job search relationship, according to job seekers

For those who are currently looking for a new opportunity, they mentioned that how a company or property reacted to the pandemic is very important. Did you communicate with your employees consistently? Were procedures put in place and followed to keep guests and employees safe? How much of your staff was furloughed or laid off?

Many also said that the current job search feels very impersonal. 55% of job seekers are not receiving any responses from employers after applying to an opportunity and feel like although most employers are looking to hire, candidates don’t feel like employers are taking the process seriously. 

What improvements would job seekers like to see?

Job seekers would like to see more salary transparency in the job description to help candidates apply to more appropriate jobs and in turn, getting more serious candidates for the employers. Additionally, candidates would like to see better salaries and benefits for open positions. 

Employers should also open their candidate pools and allowing candidates to learn and grow into a role instead of turning those away who don’t have the exact experience or set of qualifications they are looking for.

More communication throughout the job search process, including a response from employers after receiving an application to make the process less disposable for candidates. Offering feedback for candidates, whether they are a good fit or not.