Successfully Attract Job Seekers with Your Hcareers Employer Profile
Hcareers / AUGUST 04 2021

Configuring your brand through the Hcareers employer profile is a great way to build brand recognition, interest, and reputation. You can show job seekers what your company is about as they browse through your open opportunities by showcasing your culture, benefits, current employees, and property.  

Not sure where to start with your Hcareers employer profile to grab job seeker attention? Here is our guide! 

Company Details 

Once you are logged into your account, on the left-hand menu, find the “Profile Content.” You will now be able to edit the content of your employer profile. 

Under the “Details” tab, upload an image of your company or property logo and enter a short bio. You can include how many properties you have, how many employees you have, and a summary of why your company is the best company to work for.  

Our audience recently said that employer information is the second most important job description factor they look at when deciding to apply for a role, so make sure to include what will draw a job seeker in the most. 


This section allows you to upload images of your property or employees that you think best represent you. You can also include videos, like a virtual tour of your property. Images of the property were in the top 6 factors job seekers use to consider a job, however, they were the last factor so try to have a balance of team members as well as property images, instead of only images of the property. 

Maybe highlight what a few roles look like, or show how diverse your team is, or if there are team building events that show your culture. 


Perks were in the top 3 important factors job seekers consider when applying for opportunities, so make sure to highlight them here. You can separate salary and hourly employee perks out and add as many perks as you want. 

The more you add here, the better matches you will receive through our Personal Fit Score matching technology as well. 

Some of the top perks job seekers highlighted in our recent survey were salaries and healthcare benefits. 


This section gives you the chance to highlight a variety of employees in your company. You can upload an image of each person, or a video of them talking about their career journey and why they love working at your company. 

If possible, include employees from all levels and types of roles or departments to really showcase what it’s like for everyone at your company, no matter the position they are applying for. This is another great opportunity to show the diversity amongst your employees so that diverse candidates can feel welcome and supported in your organization. 


If you have member support groups for employees of all backgrounds, or a partnership with organizations to help members of a community, or even a sustainability initiative, highlight them in this section.

This gives you the chance to show job seekers what matters in your company and what resources would be available for them. Gen z and millennial candidates particularly, want to work for a company that they feel makes a difference, so by highlighting all of your company initiatives you will attract more talent.