Careers in Hospitality Management
Hcareers / JULY 06 2009

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Careers in Hospitality Management

Learn more about the different job opportunities the hospitality management industry has to offer.

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The hospitality field is responsible for providing everything there is to offer in lodging, restaurants, and vacation activities. As such, it is an ever growing field with many opportunities to develop and obtain management positions. With a small amount of schooling and a desire to give exemplary customer service, many people can find rewarding management careers in the hospitality industry.


Lodging, such as hotels and resorts, is one of the largest employers in the hospitality management industry. There are many routes you can take within the lodging industry including guest services, housekeeping, general hotel, human resource, and sales management. The size and type of lodging may determine how much experience and education is needed to obtain a management position. For example, a large well known luxury hotel chain with over 300 rooms may require at least five years of experience, and at least a Bachelor’s degree. A small motel brand with less than 60 rooms may require only one or two years of experience and a high school diploma. People working in lodging management positions can expect to make approximately $26,000 to $149,465 a year, with higher salaries being reserved for hotel general managers.


The spa and relaxation industry is another area of hospitality where there are management opportunities. These include operations management, general spa management, as well as lead spa professional and technician jobs with supervision over other employees in the spa. A spa manager can expect to make between $324,069 and $55,203 a year.

Food and Beverage.

Food and beverage is another large portion of the hospitality management field. Whether you choose to work in a restaurant, hotel, or catering operation, there are plenty of career paths that can lead to management roles. These include kitchen managers, restaurant managers, lead chefs, bar managers, catering supervisors, and food and beverage directors for resort and hotel properties. Food and beverage managers can expect to make between $41,052 and $83,699 a year, with higher salaries being reserved for directors of food and beverage of large hotels and casinos.


Travel is another area with opportunities for those interested in hospitality management. Possible job titles include cruise directors, managing travel agents, youth and children activities directors, tour managers, and recreation managers. Travel industry managers can expect to make between $57,770 and $110,852 a year.


The events planning field is another are where hospitality management opportunities exist. Event planning can involve weddings, fundraisers, company conventions, concerts, and theater production. Management opportunities can include venue managers, house manages, technical supervisors, production managers, and events managers. Events management personnel can expect to make between $51,613 and $100,845 a year.

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Careers in Hospitality
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