What Are the Most Applied to Jobs Heading into 2021
Hcareers / DECEMBER 15 2020

It’s been a tumultuous year for hospitality employment, but it feels like we may finally make some headway towards recovery. We’ve reported the monthly unemployment reports and consistently seen a slight decrease in the hospitality unemployment rate alongside a steady increase in jobs added in the industry month after month. 

With the vaccine rolling out, we’re confident that we will continue seeing recovery as 2021 begins. To give us a sense of where jobs are starting to come back, what jobs are currently needed the most, and what jobs candidates are most interested in applying to, we pulled some data from our job postings. Below are our findings from the past three months of 2020. 

Where are the jobs at? 

Data from Hcareers Metabase

Where we are seeing the highest amount of job listings in Florida, Texas, and California, with unemployment by state, with 6.5%, 6.9%, 9.3% and 6.4% respectively. Going into the pandemic, California was hit very hard and had some of the strictest restrictions implemented, which halted their hospitality industry and left a lot of workers furloughed or unemployed.

Texas and Florida were hit a little bit later and implemented fewer restrictions but with fewer travelers, the hospitality industry still took a hit. Now that we are entering recovery, more people will be inclined to travel and to warmer destinations, therefore the demand for hospitality jobs is growing in these areas the fastest. 

Now that we know where the jobs are at, are people applying to these jobs? 

Data from Hcareers Metabase

The state with the largest rate of applies, and also the most jobs available to apply to is Florida. They are currently at 59.7K and apply for the 21,779 plus jobs available. Competition may be higher in Florida, even though there are a large number of jobs available, there are a lot of people who will likely be applying for the same positions. Keep this in mind if you are planning on applying for jobs in Florida, try to make your resume and/or cover letter stand out. 

Other states we are seeing a high number of applies are in New York, Texas, and California. Again, Texas and California were also part of the group with the highest number of jobs available. There will be slightly less competition in these states than Florida, with 39.1k to 49.1k applies instead of the 59.7k but keep in mind the competition will still be tough. 

New York currently has 39.1 k to 49.1k applies, however, they only have 4,509 to 7,361 jobs currently. Keep in mind that New York was originally the hardest hit area during the pandemic and faced some of the strictest restrictions and largest shutdowns we saw, therefore every industry, including the hospitality industry saw a huge decline in business. New York is still currently under tough restrictions, which explains there being fewer jobs available, but now is a great time to get on a company’s radar. 

What are the jobs that are currently on the market?

The top job titles on the Hcareers site since October are:

The jobs that have the most applies on the Hcareers website since October to now are: 

This information can help you plan for your current or future job hunt. You may want to choose to relocate to an area where there are more available jobs or apply for jobs that have fewer applies per job titles. As the recovery continues to progress, more and more job opportunities open up there will be more to apply and less competition.