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5 Ways to Take on More Responsibility at Work
Hcareers / AUGUST 09 2021

There are plenty of reasons to want to take on more responsibility at work. It helps show your manager that you are getting ready for a promotion, it will teach you new skills and it can create a little excitement in your workday.

Here are the best ways to take on additional responsibilities at work:

1. Talk to Your Manager

Sit down with your manager and let them know that you are able and willing to take on new responsibilities. Try to align it with your career path so that you can prepare for a promotion down the line. 

For example, if you are currently working as a front desk agent but would like to become a general manager, ask your manager if you can start taking on some budgeting work, or training and mentoring new team members. 

Try going into this meeting with some ideas in mind. Look up what the job responsibilities of the position above yours are, or if you want to change departments, see what the responsibilities are for a position in that department. 

2. Help Your Coworkers

If there are team members in your department (or another) that are too busy, stressed out, or struggling with time management, ask them if you can help by taking on tasks they can’t get to. 

Make sure to set boundaries for this, however. You don’t want your coworkers to think they can take advantage of you. Only take on tasks that will help your career path and let them know exactly what you will be taking on and nothing more (unless you are comfortable with it). 

3. Learn New Skills

If you can learn a new skill, like a computer program, budgeting, or food prep, and show your manager and team members you learned whatever that new skill is, they will likely look to you to help take on those tasks. 

You should express your interest in it so that it is known you have the capabilities and initiative to take on that responsibility. 

4. Just Start Doing It

If you have the capabilities of taking on specific new tasks, just start doing it, as long as you are not taking over someone else’s main responsibility or stepping on a team member’s toes. 

5. Volunteer or Join a Workplace Group

A great first step to adding on additional work-related responsibility without more work is to join a work cohort or professional development group. See if your work has interest groups that make what you are passionate about, like sustainability or diversity and inclusion.

This is a great way to become more involved with team members, show your passion for your workplace, and take on more responsibility while still accomplishing your job responsibilities.