Executive Chef

Miccosukee Resort & Gaming

Location: US - FL - Miami

Oct 23, 2014
Miccosukee Resort & Gaming
Job Details

The Miccosukee Resort & Gaming, large Hospitality and Entertainment Company, has a great opportunity for a knowledgeable and experience Executive Chef.

Job Description:

Reporting to the Director of Food & Beverage, the Executive Chef is in charge of the entire kitchen operation of our Fine Dining outlet, Buffet, Deli, Employee Cafeteria and the Banquet Kitchen. Everything that goes out of the kitchen is the responsibility of the executive chef; therefore, it is essential for the person with this job to be able to maintain complete control of the kitchen at all times and to command the respect of his or her kitchen staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must be able to spot problems and resolve them quickly and efficiently, maintain a level head, and delegate many kitchen tasks simultaneously.
  • Responsible for making the administrative decisions for a restaurant.
  • Often work long hours.
  • Responsible for all food and beverage purchases.
  • Develop and standardize recipes.
  • Maintain safety and sanitation in the kitchen
  • Maintain equipment,
  • Design food presentation esthetics, plan and prepare special menu items, choose menu designs and determine menu prices.
  • In charge of interviewing, hiring and training new kitchen personnel.
  • In charge of maximizing the productivity of the kitchen staff.
  • Give performance reviews, grant pay increases and take disciplinary action when necessary.
  • Prepare meals in the kitchen and delegate work to other chefs and cooks during the restaurant's busy times.
  • Maintaining impeccable kitchen hygiene as well as high work and safety standards in the workplace.
  • Oversee clean up and record the day's sales.


Job Requirement:

  • Required to have 7+ years of previous related experience.
  • Valuable work experiences include managing food and labor costs, developing and pricing menus, leading a culinary team and demonstrating food preparation skills.
  • Ideally, should have a bachelor's degree in the culinary arts or in a related area, such as hospitality.
  • Personal characteristics to include good customer service skills, the ability to lead and manage a diverse group of people.
  • Be creative and have a keen sense of smell and taste.
  • Must have good personal hygiene and must work in sanitary conditions.
  • License for food and sanitation (Serve Safe).
  • Bilingual a plus.


** Please indicate salary expectation**


Additional Details
Applicants who do not already have legal permission to work in the United States will not be considered.
Chef - Executive Chef