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Hospital jobs offer many employment opportunities for job seekers who want to work in the healthcare industry. Hospitals require hundreds of professionals functioning within dozens of roles in order to run smoothly. Whether you're a high school graduate, a college grad or have management experience, you'll find numerous hospital jobs at Hcareers.

Hcareers is a growing job board for hospitals that are hiring professionals to fill both executive and support roles. Hospitals across the nation frequently post open positions for hospital administrative functions, food service, IT and security. You may also find openings in hospital transportation, engineering and maintenance, housekeeping and for hospital cleaning and janitorial positions. With the exception of hospital executive and management positions, many hospital jobs are entry-level.

Hospitals hire employees at all levels for non-clinical support jobs. Non-clinical hospital jobs include those previously mentioned as well as hospital environmental services, hospital facilities management, hospital receptionist, hospital administrative assistant and others. These jobs in hospitals may not be the first that spring to mind when you think about healthcare, but they are extremely vital. Doctors and surgeons may actively participate in diagnoses and healing, but without hospital support employees, they would not have a functioning system in which to practice medicine.

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry, so hospitals are evolving as well. Hospital management and executives are responsible for managing this evolution. According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, more than 100,000 professionals occupy health management and executive positions, including those at hospitals. As healthcare and hospitals evolve, the need for effective use of information technology is also increasing. The demand for hospital IT positions is already increasing as a result.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most hospital jobs require less than a four-year degree. In fact, 20 percent of hospital employees have a high school diploma or less. This means hospital job openings are often good early employment opportunities for students and other young people. Many non-clinical hospital departments promote from within. An entry-level hospital security guard, for example, could potential work his way up to security manager over a number of years.

NPR recently reported that one in eight Americans works in healthcare. The U.S. spends $2.7 trillion on healthcare each year. AHA News reports that employment in U.S. hospitals increased to 4,806,600 people in February 2012. A total of 109,600 hospital jobs were added since February of 2011. Within hospitals, the BLS reports that management, business and financial positions make up 4.3 percent of the workforce, while office and administrative positions make up 18 percent.

According to BLS, ten of the twenty fastest growing occupations in the U.S. are healthcare related. They predict that healthcare will add 3.2 million new jobs, including hospital jobs, before 2018. This is more than any other industry.

If you're interested in a hospital administrative position or filling another type of hospital support role, now is an excellent time to begin your hospital job search on Hcareers.

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